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Update after the quake / 追加情報

There is not much to tell as the situation does not change here in Sendai. I am seeking for the moment to go to Ishinomaki, but it is difficult because the weather is getting worse tomorrow on Tuesday. In the area hit by the quake, there is a severe lack of fuels for cars and […]


12日に午後に撮影されたと見られる実家周辺の写真 (http://saigai.gsi.go.jp/)。実家、周辺も含め、高台にあり、津波はなし。地震による倒壊、火災等の災害もない模様。周辺では、石巻中学校、門脇中学校が、少なくとも避難所となっているように見える。

情報, Info: 10:00AM JST 14.03.2011

– I stayed at a friend of mine last night. – My mobiles are not working now, so you can’t reach me via mobile phones. – You can contact me via this company http://www.ch-j.jp/ in the daytime but plz use the phone only for emergency

– 昨晩は仙台市内友人宅で過ごしました – 携帯が電池切れ×特殊なプラグ形状のため充電できず、現時点で使えません。 – この会社 http://www.ch-j.jp/ 経由で連絡できる可能性がありますが、事業所も忙しいので緊急時としてください。

Regarding the nuclear power plants

Regarding the nuclear power plants in Fukusihma, where I am now is c.a. 100km away (north) from the plants. At the moment, there seems no practical biological problem at me with the radioactives. The amount of radioactive I may have been exposed seems not that much.

I am surviving! 地震無事です




This is from my Facebook post at 13:09 JST on 13 Mar 2011.


Thanks for all of your messages! Finally I am online from my own account.

Now I am in Japan for short and in Sendai, the biggest city in the area hit by the earthquake. I talked with my […]