Update after the quake / 追加情報

There is not much to tell as the situation does not change here in Sendai. I am seeking for the moment to go to Ishinomaki, but it is difficult because the weather is getting worse tomorrow on Tuesday. In the area hit by the quake, there is a severe lack of fuels for cars and ordinary people can’t get fuel. The train line must be complete This means the practical transport is only bicycle. It is c.a. 50 km between Sendai and Ishinomaki, but i have to choose the right route avoiding the tsunami-hit area. Also it is unclear how i can run across the Naruse river. A friend of mine can lend me a bicycle, so there is no problem at this point. The weather on Tuesday and Wednesday seems lightly snowy, so I may have to wait ?until Thursday.

I am reading all of your messages. Please understand that?I have to tell you that I don’t have the room to reply all of the messages.

Today I will stay at the same friend of mine as yesterday.

Here the fuel is in severe lack and even some emergency vehicles seems in lack of fuels. Gas stations in Sendai do not sell gas to ordinary people anymore.

Railway is not working at all. Because Sendai station is destroyed, ?it should take long time to get rebuilt. Some buses are running, but intercity service is limited. Ones to Yamagata is running well.




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